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TERA Elin Ver. 7 - 桜花月影 幻流Ver.

by Cerberus Project (Source)

Re: Dungeon Removal in KTERA


For those who were upset about the dungeon removal in KTERA. Treeshark made a comment that should ease everyone’s worries a little bit.

Hello everyone!

We are seeing some concerns regarding KTERA’s announcement about the instance dungeons being removed. What was stated in the patch notes, obviously, doesn’t tell the whole story. The dungeon removal coincides with a planned level cap increase and work to improve the leveling path. It’s no secret that TERA’s current path is not the most optimal one. With the new expansion coming, Bluehole Studios has an opportunity to make the path from level 1 to level 65 clearer.

The expansion will change a lot of systems within TERA, making certain dungeons less important for leveling than they currently are. The new play guide also gives players objectives and rewards to take the place of those provided in the older dungeons. Remember, just because these dungeons are getting removed does not mean that they will never return. In fact, some of these dungeons are being revamped for level 65 (we know of several currently in the pipeline), and the goal is to find a better fit for the others within the revised leveling process, to allow dungeon-only leveling. More information will be released as we get closer to the release of the expansion.

I want to stress given this many changes, we can’t get the whole story by focusing on each one individually but by taking them all in as a whole.



I’m looking forward to seeing these dungeons placed back in a different setting and would even attempt to level through dungeons if/when that happens.


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Yeah, do your worst
When worlds collide
Let their fear collapse
Bring no surprise
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Ulatas tal käe
Ja ta silmadest said tähed