My Guild Has Corrupted Me.

dyre: Talk about
dyre: dyre puts on shades.
quiz: oh no
dyre: Screwing the pooch
quiz: OH MY GOD, leave. the arête/shattervane turned you into a monster. wtf Skype stop putting the carrot on top of the e
dyre: It's just getting its daily dose of veggies. Not that my CORNY puns are enough.
quiz: CHRIST.
That girl is a goddamn p r o b l e m.


Tera Fortress 2

JTERA Releases Alice in Wonderland Sets



The design from 2013 TERADEMY winner’s outfit which was data mined a couple weeks ago is now available for JTERA players. The female Alice outfit comes in the classic blue and a dyeable version (right). This time around the male characters have received some love too.

The set also comes with their own flamingo weapon skins to go along with the Alice in Wonderland theme.

Laced and Embraced

have you got colour in your cheeks?

Signal boost, please! LF artists!


So I have a couple of guildies (a male elf and a male Castanic) who are going to be getting married ICly here shortly. They’re on the hunt for commissioned artists that are willing to accept GOLD for payment just to get something done in commemoration of the event. If you could please reblog this at your convenience or drop a the name of someone who’d be so kind as to help out, please let me know! Thank you! :)