the one n only
(full res looks so much better hnng)


Gift for my guildie <33

thaNK YOU FOR CARRYING HELPING ME all the time aaa ; w ; <33


KTERA added new templates to the fashion coupon shop. Here are some of them.

Been waiting for them to add this template for a LONG time. Finally!

EDIT: The armours will all pretty much look the same. Just look at the three Elins (plate, leather, cloth) for a general idea of what it’d look like on the other races (minus skirt).

Credits to the players who took the screenshots. Many different sources sorry. >_<


Cain x Reon commish from my FB friend o)-)

They both looked super cute here <3


Here you have the finished piece of my reaper Osirhis. 
I can tell that I’m really really proud of this picture. REALLY.

Worked really hard on this piece, all in a layer [maxim 3-4 layers extra] and all in black and white. Wanted to try some picture in that grey scale and I think it’s pretty good

It's a bad religion
From a broken nation.

SOOOO. I’ve been working a lot, having no time for Tera or anything at all, but I’m on a 3 day weekend right now so I took advantage and have been playing a little bit. I was gonna take some screens but I logged in 10 minutes before maintenance so that was squashed.. So have old screens of Zsuri instead. I miss my Castanic meathead. 


Wip of my latest work.
Wanted to do a black and white picture for so long and when I started doodling, a succubus elin came out. This girl probably will be my future reaper elin, but in a future(? XD


CASTANIC | ғᴇᴍᴀʟ