My part of a sort of art trade with Zsuri. <3 Because Casti warrior bitches be awesome. And stuff. <3

Get back, get down
Pull me closer if you think you can hang
Hands up, hands tied
Don’t go screaming if I blow you with a bang

Zsuri and Ise (Morcraven) again! They’re actually best friends.

From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.
How soft your fields so green, can whisper tales of gore,
Of how we calmed the tides of war. We are your overlords.

A sort of trade with sameru. Took a bunch of screens together but this is the one I did for her. Zsuri and boss’s warrior, Morcraven!


Leadership mask \o\ /o/ \o/

I’d be way more excited about this outfit combo if the hat didn’t take away her horns…u___u


Hafren - Moody Blue edition

This is my favourite armor set for my archer oc Hafren from TERA. 


Springtime dreaminess featuring Izumi. Second in my series of waiting lists for guildie screenshots. Got a few more to do soonish. <3 I just love love these poses.


Hafren - FULL COLOUR / No glasses.

I was reluctant to upload this version, because I struggle with colouring, however a guildie requested that I do so…so here it is. D:


I’m in love w/ this template * A *

i should be studying but i don’t want to so i drew a thing

somebody take this program away from me it’s better than paint tool sai for sketching and i love it so much so here have espionne shat— i mean covered in lilies (✽ ゚ᴥ ゚ ✽)